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I am a one-of-a-kind Age Positivity, Senior Motivational Speaker and Influencer!  EVERYONE has a senior in their life, so I inspire and motivate not just today's senior community, but the soon-to-be senior population at all stages of life!  Let's be real . . . EVERYONE is destined to become a SENIOR!
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I am a classy, vivacious, and joyful senior lady of unique style and grace with the “gift of gab,” and have won the lifetime title of America’s “Sultry Senior.” I am a seasoned entertainer and spokesperson who is directly involved with the costuming and cosplay communities that I love and which have been the foundations of my adventures into "senior-hood".  I bring a wellspring of true-life experiences, emotional stories, humorous anecdotes and "pearls of wisdom”, all of which have made me a delightfully inspiring and motivational real life personality and speaker. 


My lecture demonstrations and/or performances can be tailored for your company meetings, senior motivation events and targeted trade shows.  They are informational, inspiring, delightful, insightful, and engaging.  Men, women and youngsters alike are thoroughly entertained when they hear of my life with the historic Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey Circus and how that “Old World Circus” lifestyle and code of ethics has guided me and can guide them in their everyday life.  My lectures give attendees of all ages and diversities a smile and a fresh outlook on the topics that matter to their personal and social well-being. 

As your brand ambassador, I can tailor my presentations to enhance and promote your product theme or service with engaging conversation that will keep positive interest in your product or service and continue a marketable relationship long after your event.  

I am a senior woman whose mission statement is: 




Contact me today and let's discuss how I can target, motivate and promote your senior audience and provide a memorable experience for your participants!   Click here to send me a message.   

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